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Innovation, tradition and enthusiasm meet mechanical engineering and toolmaking

We provide solutions for your production problems and automation tasks and are a reliable partner to automotive suppliers, the electronics industry, and all those who value a long term partnership. We are your dynamic partner for sophisticated automation solutions.

The Kurt Betz GmbH company with its headquarters in Leingarten near to Heilbronn in the German state of Baden-Württemberg has been well-known in the fields of toolmaking and mechanical engineering since 1980 with a reputation for top quality. The independent and innovative family-owned company with over 95 employees develops and manufactures products and also plans and creates customised systems and machines.
The company has supplied customers in the electronics and automotive industries with high quality, modular systems and machines for forty years. Our success on the German market and international markets is ensured through the use of state-of-the-art technology.

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Our range of services

In addition to crimping technology, our main areas of activity include the technologies required for automation, inspection, and toolmaking. We also offer contract manufacturing and the production of single items, production according to customer requirements and the highest quality and precision. We design and manufacture customised quality control systems for specific applications.

Automation technology

  • Assembly machines
  • Cable processing
  • Placement technology
  • Inspection systems
  • Packaging technology
  • Customised feeders
Automation technology

Production technology

  • Contract and piece part manufacturing
  • Toolmaking
  • Front plates
Production technology

Inspection technology

  • In close cooperation with our customers, we develop measuring devices and gauges for the quality assurance departments of our customers
  • This includes fixtures for manual measurements and multiple fixtures for fully automated measurement processes during series production
Insprection technology

Crimping technology

  • Using our standard machine, we process solid and stranded wires with or without insulation
  • Automatic recognition of bare wires with crimp force monitoring
Crimping technology

Current information

Grinding laboratory

We have been using a new grinding laboratory since last month. This enables us to create even more precise and high-resolution micrographs of crimps that are produced on our systems.

The picture below shows a crimp of a contact with stranded wires.

Expansion production

We recently moved our raw material storage and prefabrication to the hall across the street.

This created space for a separate training workshop in the previous hall.

More information to follow.

New measuring machine

We have expanded our measuring machine park with a digital measuring projector.


This allows us to integrate our measurements into the manufacturing process in an automated and highly precise manner.

Team player: achieve ambitious targets together

A team working together is always more efficient than the sum of its individual parts, and this is also true for the Betz team. Accordingly, our family-owned company is characterised by its team spirit, excellent motivation, tireless work ethic and the fact that all team members are encouraged to contribute with their ideas.

Impressions … of Betz tooling and mechanical engineering

We would like to introduce our company in Leingarten. This is where a young and dynamic team exploits a modern and extensive array of machines with innovative production processes. We exploit the latest technology and are open to new challenges and fields of application. Our high degree of in-house production enables quick, customised solutions with high quality for a reasonable price.

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Kurt Betz GmbH
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Kurt Betz GmbH Logo Leingarten Germany Automation technology mechanical engineering and toolmaking