Crimping technology – SC 15

Crimping technology – SC 15 crimping machine

Crimping machine SC 15

The SC 15 crimping machine can be used to crimp and strip different solid and stranded wires, with or without insulation, in a machine cycle as required. The machine cycle is controlled by a cam and compressed air. The cam control achieves a high crimping force and high repeat accuracy. The pneumatic actuation enables individual adjustment of other machine functions which are independent of the product.

The tool holder of the table machine is designed for a 3-part interchangeable tool. The machine is supplied from the factory with teach-in already executed, so that the tools can also be used on different machines. If a non-specified crimp connection is recognised there is the possibility to keep the cable clamp closed. The start conditions and the complete cycle sequence can be monitored on a user-friendly 3.5-inch touch screen. When the protective door is opened during automatic mode, an emergency stop is triggered and the electric and pneumatic power supply is disconnected. The machine is easy to service and has interfaces for the remote diagnosis of parameters.

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