Nine convincing arguments in favour of our company

We offer personality, ideas and decades of technical expertise


A high flyer with a high-level of in-house production

Betz advises, conceives, designs, develops and builds and we are looking forward to complex tasks in the areas of toolmaking and mechanical engineering.


Keeping pace with the times with innovative products for tomorrow's world

We have become used to thinking in processes and constantly seeking to achieve improvements. This defines us as we create innovative products and sustainable machines and systems.


We have the know-how, with our excellent technical expertise and solution oriented-approach

We can particularly exploit our strengths when it comes to complex applications with decades of experience, short decision-making processes and a modern array of machines.


Verified quality as you very rightly expect

We are certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Yet an even greater incentive to us than the certificate is to ensure top quality for a reasonable price for a German production location.


Nothing is impossible – flexibility is a basic requirement

A flat hierarchy in combination with a steep learning curve is something that can only be found at Betz. We are always on the lookout for an ingenious customer-oriented solution.


New ideas, from a different perspective – often involving young minds

Young and already so experienced. People like us who work intensively with toolmaking and mechanical engineering projects are able to gain extensive skills and expertise at a relatively young age.


Very close – for us the customer is still king

A close and personal connection, an intensive technical consultation process and high service availability form the basis for our definition of 'the customer is king'.


Stronger together – team spirit makes the difference

Betz is characterised by the values of respect, partnership, expertise and progress. These values are apparent on a daily basis by a dynamic team spirit and a friendly atmosphere.


Honesty and reliability – old values with a new interpretation

At Betz the project planning and implementation is subject to a modern approach, innovation, and orientation to the future. In addition, the values of honesty, willingness to help and reliability are important for interaction with customers and also within the team.

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