Crimping technology … a speciality of Betz

Crimping technology … a speciality of Betz

My name is Yannik Winkler. I am 32 years old, an active sportsman and I work as a designer at the Kurt Betz GmbH company.

During my further education to become a certified technician in the area of mechanical engineering I discovered my passion for design. Since the conclusion of my studies I have been working here as a designer. In addition to designing, my activities include the development and fine tuning of new systems and technology.

Crimping technology is a showcase service for our company. Using our SC 15 crimping machine we are able to strip and crimp different cable cross sections. We utilise SC 15 components to realise the crimping process in a number of our fully and semi-automated assembly systems.

Crimping quality at the Betz company

  • Using our standard machine, we process solid and stranded wires with or without insulation
  • Automatic recognition of bare wires with crimp force monitoring
  • For multi-core cables with a stripping length of up to 12 mm
  • Our range of services also includes crimping pliers and test setups for testing or laboratory purposes
SC 15 crimping machine

SC 15 crimping machine

The SC 15 can be used to strip and crimp a variety of solid and stranded wires with or without insulation respectively in a single machine process as required.

Wire stripping box

Wire stripping box

Electronically actuated table device for stripping.

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